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Arthur roux

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Arthur Roux has worked as a sport physiotherapist for many years. While rehabbing injured athletes for some he has also done their coaching to allow them to carry on getting better in their sport whilst staying injury free. Learning from some of the worlds top professional coaches, studies and own research, he has developed his coaching skills to help athletes perform to their best while staying fit and consistent overtime.

Arthur works with a professional triathlon team as a physiotherapist (and assistant coach) including world champions and international coaches. He tries to help them reach their best possible level for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the world championships. He has also worked for several years with amateur athletes to help them achieve their goals as a coach. He has also helped people with injuries/chronic pain return to sport without pain.

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Professional experience :


  • Works with JFT team (Joel Filiol; Drew Box; V.Luis, J.Geens and other international professional athletes)

  • Works with C.Norris (professional Ironman athlete).

  • Worked in several sports physiotherapy centers

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy in Barcelona and in a Master Sport physiotherapy in Font Romeu.

  • Courses: PhysioSportConsulting- level training 1. Optimization of sports performance and planning of strength workout.

  • Polarized Training by Stephen Seiller. Optimization of performance in endurance athletes through polarized training.

Sports Experience:

  • It went from 19min over 5km to 15min over 5km road.

  • It went from 38min over 10km to 31min over 10km road.

  • Several years of competition in Sprint / Olympic triathlon.

  • Went from swimming beginner (swam 1’50/100m to 1’20 100m).

  • Several years of competitive cycling. 

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