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Arthur Roux

AR physio training offers coaching services for athletes. Arthur Roux is a running and triathlon coach with a background in sports physiotherapy. He works closely with the athletes to minimise the chance of injuries while building a strong level of fitness by being consistent overtime. His methods will help you to achieve your sporting goals. Arthur Roux has worked with many athletes in his life, from international professional athletes to recreational sports people. 


Take advantage with smart training plans adapted for you: 


Accessible to all levels, depending on your goal, different services are offered:


• Triathlon, Running (road or trail), Cycling Training

• Rehab ; Post-injury physiotherapy; Coming back to sport; Chronic injuries. 

• Strength training to optimize your level of performance in your sport (football, water skiing, rugby, bodybuilding, others ...)

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Samy Bosc

Samy Bosc

Wanting to prepare for a 10 km on the road with the aim of going under the 38-minute mark, Arthur helped me manage my training schedule by optimizing each session according to my profile. I was able to avoid injuries and arrive fresh on the day of the event.
10km = 37'50

Benjamin Pelaprat

Benjamin Pelaprat


- Victory hills of the devil

- Victory trail of the aqueduct

- 3rd Loreze trail

- 2nd trail of Canigou

Following good performances, I decided to get help from Arthur to continue to improve.

Thomas Garcia

Thomas Garcia

Thank you Arthur for coaching for almost 3 years. Built and detailed plans allowed me a good progression (from 5h20 to 4h50 on Ironman 70.3). Multiple injuries before his help, but his precious and careful advice allows me to avoid new injuries. So nice to have a coach to lean on and plan his season with. I highly recommend!

Collin Noris

Collin Noris

Colin Norris, professional long distance triathlete, multiple podiums 70.3

I met Arthur when training in Annecy in 2020. I was very impressed with Arthur´s awareness of the demands of the sport and his solution based approach to rehab and prehab.

Sébastien Delluc

Sebastien Delluc

Thanks to the coaching, I was able to have a water ski season without injury. I have never felt so efficient, the physical preparation has played a lot, as well as the specific exercises. Thank you

Anca course a pied


Arthur was able to take me in hand perfectly at the level of the different types of training, a progress that was very quickly felt on the bike and in running! It helped me tremendously in strengthening my fragile ankles and I haven't had any problems since! Thank you for everything !

Result :

European champion ICF 3rd world championships IFSS

2nd world championship ICF



When I first met Arthur I couldn’t run longer than 15 mins without being in pain, now I can run for over an hour pain free! 

I had lived with chronic hamstring pain for over 5 years, i felt like I had tried everything. Working with Arthur It took about 4 months of rehabilitation to get me running pain free. I learnt from Arthur the process that I needed to do to reset, rebuild and slowly load up my body again over time, allowing it to adapt & strengthen. He was diligent to my individual needs and as a 52 year old female I wish I had got help from him 10 years ago.



I called on Arthur for an adapted triathlon plan following a few injuries. It takes into account my availability, but also the nutrition aspect, the management of physical and mental fatigue with valuable advice. I was able to progress without getting injured and I learned a lot from these first months of coaching. 
Looking forward to the sequel, thank you Arthur!

The rates

Depending on the request of each athlete.
Contact me to find out more.


Monthly rate without commitment
 (2 weeks free)


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