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Coach RUNNING - individualized running coaching

Road, off road, trail. Using polarized training, train smart without injuring yourself to progress and achieve your goals

strength training

Specific workout to optimize your athletics capacities to transfer the gains performance directly into your sport.
+ strength; - injury; + result

athlète chargeant la barre de musculation par le coach trail
Stéthoscope du coach trail

Physiotherapy rehab

Following an injury, use services of a sports physiotherapist to help you to return to your level.

Our vision of running coaching

Looking for a passionate and experienced running coach? ARPhysioTraining is here to help! Your specialized trainer, graduate and expert in the field of running is ready to accompany beginners as well as experienced athletes in their sporting journey.

With ARPhysioTraining, you benefit from personalized monitoring and training plans adapted to your level and your objectives. Whether you want to improve your endurance, prepare for a marathon or simply enjoy running, Arthur Roux is there to guide you step by step.

Our coach, Arthur Roux, graduated in 2017 and passionate runner, puts all his experience and expertise at your disposal. He offers private lessons and expert advice to help you achieve your best results. ARPhysioTraining is not affiliated with corporate brands like Decathlon or Runmotion, which guarantees a neutral and professional approach.

Whether you live in Geneva, Lyon or elsewhere, our home coaching service is there for you. We measure your heart rate, your level of fitness and we adapt your training program according to your abilities. As a coach specializing in fitness and endurance, we help you push your limits and progress with each session.

Discover the ARPhysioTraining application now and benefit from expert advice, personalized monitoring and tailor-made training plans. Let your coach accompany you in your sporting adventure. Don't wait any longer, join us and run towards your best version!"

FAQ of my running coach

How to perform in running?

Train regularly and frequently

  1. An intensity session (split, hills, specific race pace, etc.)

  2. A slow jog for good general development.

  3. A long fundamental endurance outing including an optional 10-20′ tempo.

What part of the muscular body is running?

Running is the physical activity par excellence. This very complete practice puts into activity both the joints and a large number of muscles such as those of the arch of the foot, the back muscles, the calves, the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the glutes.

What is the best stride?

An ideal stride is a frequency of around 180 steps per minute, a medium foot support placed under the pelvis or barely in front, short contact time, slightly bent leg, and a good push up a little with the knees, and by opening the pelvis well. Obviously, this is accentuated for the race finishes.

What is the technique to run faster?

How to improve your technique to run faster?

  1. The sprints. ...

  2. Run uphill. ...

  3. The fartlek. ...

  4. Vary the land. ...

  5. The split...

  6. Improve your stride to increase your running speed. ...

  7. Improve your technique to run faster thanks to bodybuilding. ...

  8. Set goals and a schedule to run faster.

Why can't I run faster?

Only one solution exists to progress: training. To run faster, you must not be afraid to put yourself in difficulty. You have to get your body used to an intensity it doesn't know yet. While it may seem tricky, hang in there during your workouts, the results will come.

Why shouldn't you run every day?

But can we really run every day? Simply put: no. You need at least one rest day per week to allow your muscles to recover. Also, overtraining can cause injury, stress, and prolonged fatigue.

What is the ideal duration of a jog?

According to the researchers, the optimal frequency, to enjoy the benefits of jogging without harming health, is three jogs per week, lasting 20 to 48 minutes each.

Does running 30 minutes a day make you lose weight?

Over a 30-minute session, you will burn around 300Kcal, half of which is fat. And during the following 24 hours, the internal recovery work is also so intensive that the caloric expenditure at rest increases by 20%.

How often do you run per week?

Amateurs should run 2-3 times per week, while experienced runners can run 4-5 times per week. To prepare for a marathon, you have to run an average of 50 km per week, and up to 80 km for the weeks of long outings.

Improve your physical condition with an experienced running coach


Are you looking for a solution to improve your physical condition, lose weight or simply get into sport? Hiring a running coach could be the key to reaching your goals quickly and efficiently. In this article, we'll explore the many benefits of working with a running coach, focusing on things like weight loss, personalized programs, and the importance of motivation. Find out how a running coach can help you transform your lifestyle and reach new heights in fitness.

   1. Why hire a running coach?

a. Benefit from a personalized training program

b. Get expert nutrition and diet advice

c. Maintain constant motivation through professional support

   2. Weight loss and running coaching

a. Cardio training and calorie burning

b. Sports program for weight loss

c. Importance of warming up and stretching

   3. Improved physical condition and muscle building

a. Combined cardio and strength training

b. Complementary activities: pilates, gym, boxing

c. Toning and gaining muscle mass

   4. Beginner in running: the advantages of a running coach

a. Training program adapted to physical abilities

b. Education on good practices and running paces

c. Personalized support to avoid injuries

   5. Running coaches and top athletes

a. Specific physical preparation for competitions

b. Optimization of performance and development of endurance

c. Planning for recovery and injury prevention



Hiring a running coach can be a smart move for anyone looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, or start running. Running coaches offer personalized programs, expert advice and constant motivation to help you reach your goals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, working with a running coach can help you optimize your performance and transform your lifestyle. Don't underestimate the power of professional coaching to help you push your limits and achieve exceptional results. Don't wait any longer, find your running coach today and embark on an exciting new sporting adventure.

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